The Future of Video Analytics

When one talks about commercial technologies, the evolution of video analytics comes foremost to the mind. Video analytics has transitioned from the basics of building security to improving business opportunities. As a result of which with the incorporation of innovative technology, video analytics can become integrated across many industries. Here is how the future of video analytics looks like:

Facial recognition

The concept of facial recognition is driven from the basics of video analytics. Earlier, the video camera which was used for monitoring warehouses, shops and buildings is now being used for deeper learning such as identifying faces, matching the contours of the face with the database, connecting with the profiles and spotting the one. Facial recognition is most useful for the enforcement authorities and for cosmetic research.

Enforcement authorities can locate elusive criminals, capture convicts escaping the law, and ascertain felons who specialise in masking their identity. Not only that, facial recognition through video analytics software will ensure that database of criminals is always updated. And, if they are connected with all the police units across the city or state, then it will result in a coordinated effort to hunt down hardened criminals and bust narcotic operations.

Doctors who specialise in cosmetic surgeries need facial recognition to keep the patients identity and show them the changes that they are about to see. Patients who are acid victims or accident survivors can get a visual of their future cosmetic face.

Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

This new trend has starting creating an impact for the enforcement authorities as it enables them to reduce crime with a access control system . A speeding car or any vehicle violating traffic rules can be spotted immediately with ANPR. As the name suggests, the number on the licence plate is captured and through an interface which is connected to the control room, the identity of the offender can be found out, and that too, within seconds. As a result, it is a great solution in terms of monitoring traffic and curbing crime rates.

Simplifying Data

Most surveillance video cameras capture thousands and thousands of images. Video analytics enables in categorising the data such as faces, buildings, cars or even eatables. As a result, it is easy to draw out data when required as the records are kept in a simplified manner.

In addition, with more and more companies are focusing on video analytics as it gives them research information such on people management, vehicular monitoring, behavioural patterns and protection for collaterals.