Web Design & Maintenance

At Web Solutions Australia we would be pleased to build you a professional website, or we can take over your existing site. Whether you need a new site, or for us to re-build or manage your current site, you should call us. We can take all the frustration and expense out of the web. Others say it… We mean it!

Our websites are designed to the clients’ exact requirements. They tell me; “fast, simple and easy to navigate”. If you need something different or specific, just let us know. You can draw up a sample on paper. Just make it horizontal when you design it as monitors are horizontal.
How To Contact Us & Get Yourself Underway

  • Calculate the number of product images (photo’s) you have.
  • How many pages you need to cover your images. (Example 6 images per page)
  • Will your photographs need to be scanned? Will they be digital or pre-scanned?
  • Other pages with no graphics; ‘Links’ page, ‘About us’ or ‘Terms of Conditions’ and the like…
  • Do you need online ordering, feedback or application forms?
  • Can you provide or do you have a logo?
  • Amount of text to cover Images or Information in general. Will the text be provided on a disk in a word document, or copied from a catalog or brochure?
  • Have you registered a domain name and set-up hosting yet?
  • Do you require anything special on your site… Like Flash!

What should you pay?

There’s no need to pay outrageous amounts of money for your website. We give you a flat quote based on the information that you provide us, or an hourly rate of $25 per hour for large sites. (Conditions Apply) A 50% deposit gets you on your way in e-business, and full payment on hand over of your site.


To be competitive in business today you DO need a website. One that can be upgraded as the technology grows allowing you to see what works best for you enabling your business to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Web Solutions Australia will liaise with you to focus your site to suit the majority of Internet users. Although all the bells and whistles can add that extra spark to a page and are an option to be considered, their audience at present is limited. Download time and browser compatibility are extremely important.

But don’t be dismayed.

Here is your perfect opportunity to test the waters without blowing your budget.